Weekday Brioche Class! -Baking with Madame Simon-

This class is sold out! We'll organize on 19th Feb and 27th Feb, for inquiry please drop us a line at info@alchemist.sg

About The Class
This class will be hands-on of brioche baking. In the end of the class, attendees will have brioche French toast lunch together, prepared by the Chef instructor, in a French home style cuisine.
The brioche French toast will be totally different from what you usually eat! It is amazing!

This class (17th Feb 2017) will be conducted in Japanese language only the English class will be held on 15:00-17:00, Sun 19th Feb 2017. Please contact at info@alchemist.sg

Menu of Baking
-Brioche Sucree (topped with sugar)
-Brioche Salee (savoury taste filling will be sausage)

What you can learn at the class
-Baking Technique of brioche
-Arrangement of brioche
-French Toast
-French Food Culture
-フレンチトースト(La DureeのPain Perdu(フレンチトースト)風にブリオッシュで作るフレンチトーストです!)

What are included in the ticket fee?
Class fee, ingredients, apron, bread to bring back, lunch & recipe.

About Culinary Instructor Madame Simon
Lived in Paris, France more than 10 years and learnt and got her skills at several culinary schools and Boulangerie (Baker shop in French). She got her French home made cuisine recipe from her mother in low.
Now she stays in Singapore with her French husband and works as a culinary instructor and an event coordinator of Team Spoonful.
Cooking certification: Ryo-ken (Tokyo 2014) Master Chef Techniques, La Cuisine des Chefs (Paris 2013-4) French-bread making, MAISON LANDEMAINE ( Paris 2015 ) Ecole de Boulangerie EBP (Paris 2014)
講師シモンの10年以上にわたるパリでの生活の実体験からパンの焼き方だけではなく、フランスの食文化のご紹介もクラス内でご紹介していきます。 一度で2度美味しい、シモン先生のクラス。 パンの詳細にわたる説明もしっかり学んで頂けます。

Terms & Conditions

-Copyright of photos and video shooting taken by Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd) and its partners during the event will belong to Spoonful. Spoonful has the right to use the photos and video shooting for PR and marketing purpose.

-The event organizer "Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd)" is not responsible for any personal food allergy. Each attendee must take his/her own responsibility for any allergy.

-Spoonful will notify 3 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.

-There will be no refund unless the event itself is cancelled.

-Spoonful will send future events or promo info to attendees e-mail address after the event.

Fri Feb 17, 2017
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Origins of Food, One Farrer Hotel & Spa
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Venue Address
One Farrer Park Road Singapore
1 min walk from Exit C, MRT Farrer Park Station